The purposes of this foundational two-week asynchronous (self-paced) 100% online course are to: a). offer advocacy and encouragement, and b). provide a repository of informative resources for families who have suffered a miscarriage and those who support impacted families. The course is intended to foster a sense of community using integrated learning experiences, including group discussions and reflection activities such as journaling. Note: The "There is Lyfe After Death: Moving Forward After A Miscarriage" book is required for the course. Students should be at least 18 to enroll. See the course Q&A for more information.

There is Lyfe After Death is an empathetic and candid must-read resource for families who have suffered profound grief through miscarriage. There is Lyfe After Death is also a go-to resource for pastors, counselors, and health care professionals who minister to, counsel, or care for families who have lost a child to miscarriage.

Using enormously intimate entries from her personal journals during the darkest time in her life, Dr. Walker chronicles and date- and time-stamps her miscarriage journey. There is Lyfe After Death gives a voice to a topic that is often silenced--or, more likely, shunned. It is chock-full of practical advice that can help support, comfort, heal, and inspire those who have experienced a miscarriage. Dr. Walker is living proof that the Lord can take a heart that has been shattered into more than a million pieces and, after some time, put it back together again. She wants to encourage families that There is Lyfe After Death.